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C.A.D. Engineering Services

C.A.D. Engineering’s primary focus is structural engineering with experience in analysis, design, and project management. Our areas of expertise are described below.

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Steel Tank Assessment.JPG

Industrial Engineering

C.A.D. Engineering provides support to manufacturing and industrial facilities to address routine maintenance needs and/or the design of upgrades and expansions. We are familiar with shutdown schedules and can meet on-demand requests as necessary. 

With experience in health and safety, C.A.D. Engineering has the knowledge to conduct prestart health and safety reviews per Section 7 of the Industrial Establishments Regulation 851. 


C.A.D. Engineering’s capabilities also include the structural inspection and evaluation of existing structures. Condition assessments consider both the structural integrity and building code requirements. 

Steel Fabrication Support

C.A.D. Engineering provides detailed design drawings as part of our industrial engineering services. We also review and approve shop drawings for design compliance during the fabrication process. 


C.A.D. Engineering has expertise in connection design and assists clients with the review and approval of shop drawings for connections. 


C.A.D. Engineering also offers structural detailing services for the preparation of erection and detailed shop drawings. These drawings can also be reviewed and approved for design or connections depending on the client’s needs. 

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